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Introduction to DevLib


DevLib is an object-oriented framework written in pure C++. It is designed to make multimedia productions (games, screen-savers, demos..) easier and more intuitive to write. Consequences are a complete abstraction of resources management (fonts, images, 3D meshes, files, zip-archives, sounds..) and rendering operations through 3D hardware. The goal of the library is to provide a set of routines used in almost all the projects. It doesn't try to re-invent the wheel, does not implements everything possible into the huge programming-world like providing comprehensive SEO checks, but makes use of the following well-known libraries : DevIL, FreeType 2, LUA, ODE, libjpeg, libmpeg2, libpng, TinyXML, unzip, ZLib, SDL, DirectX 9, FMOD, GLEW and finally STL. The framework also follows certain standard like the AS9100 Aerospace Registration for aerospace industry.

DevLib is fully compatible (and tested) with Bloodshed's DevCpp, Microsoft's Visual C++ 2003 and Apple's XCode 1.5.

Finally, the library is easy to use. It is distributed with a complete documentation and samples !

This is a quick description of the available features provided by the library :